Website Launch: The Foundry Walnut Creek

Coming Soon: The Foundry in Walnut Creek The Foundry is a 3-story complex located in the heart of Walnut Creek, across the street from the city’s movie theater and less than 450 ft from Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek’s newly redesigned premium shopping center. The Foundry will bridge the gap between the culinary and lifestyle giants […]

Ecommerce Coversion

Shopify’s 8 Best Practices For Ecommerce Sites that Convert

Shopify’s blog is an excellent resource for web design, ecommerce, and marketing advice. They share a ton of useful information or best practices for ecommerce websites. Here are their eight best practices for ecommerce sites that convert. 1. Highlight the value proposition Highlighting the value of an ecommerce site is an essential part of turning […]

Incredible Golden Ratio Coloring Book For Adults

Venezuelan architect and illustrator Rafael Araujo celebrates the Golden Ratio, which equals 1.618 and is found throughout nature. Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator living in Caracas. For over 40 years he’s been drawing the most beautiful illustrations of nature, entirely by hand. At an old drafting table he adeptly renders the mathematical brilliance of […]

Mr. Robot Composition

Mr. Robot Breaks All Rules of Composition

Mr. Robot is a brilliant show, made even more so by the way it is filmed. It’s characters live on the edges, literally on the corners of your screen.

photoshopped travel photos

Photographer Reveals Just How Photoshopped Travel Photos Really Are

If you ever wondered how people can take such incredible travel photos on Facebook and Instagram, it’s because they don’t. Those incredible travel photos are heavily photoshopped. The same goes for most of the best photos of food, buildings, landscapes, and cities. Peter Stewart, an internationally published photographed with thousands of followers his work has […]

Great Restaurant Website

5 Keys To Great Restaurant Websites

Restaurant websites have so much potential to be amazing, but rarely turn out that great. Restaurants can use edgy, modern design. They can use gorgeous photos of food and drinks. There is a natural social media integration with so many guests using Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare, and more. Restaurant websites can include reservations, special events, videos, mailing lists, […]