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Modern Web Design

Your website gives your potential customers their first impression. In just a few seconds, they've formed an opinion about your values and capabilities, and decided how well you stack up against the competition.

Based largely on your website, they will decide to call you first, second, or not at all.

Web design is evolving quickly and your visitors know how a great website is supposed to look and function. The most successful businesses in any industry are the ones who stay ahead of the curve.

Check out our portfolio for some great examples of modern design.

Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design?

Resposive web design is the art of building websites that provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and intuitive website navigation across a wide range of devices such as televisions, laptops, iPads, and smartphones.

The majority of web traffic today is now on mobile devices and that trend will continue growing. Even in the B2B space, a high (and growing quickly) number of visitors are using smartphones.

Mobile-First Design

We encorporate today's best-practices of responsive web design, including flexible grids, swipe-technology, and adaptive navigation menus to ensure the best possible experience for your users. Your mobile website will adjust and flow according to screen size in a way that is both beautiful and practical.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Supports All Devices - Your users will have a fantastic experience whether they are int the office, at home, or on the go.

Increased User Engagement - Mobile users are far more likely to engage with a well-design mobile site than one that was primarily built for desktop users.

Powerful Performance - We optimize all images for mobile devices and use a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that all of your mobile content is delivered quickly.

E-Commerce Websites

We specialize in high-quality, e-commerce websites that are designed to convert visitors into sales. We primarily work with Shopify to turn your vision into a successful online store.

ecommerce with shopify

Is Shopify The Right E-Commerce Platform For You?

Shopify is awesome. It is powerful, affordable, easy to use, fully-customizable, fully-scalable, and offers incredibly low credit card processing rates (so low that some our clients have switched to Shopify purely because the processing fees save them thousands of dollars every year).

Alternate E-Commerce Platforms

Other e-commerce platforms you might consider are Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce (Wordpress). We can help build an amazing store for your business using any of these platforms. Each has pros and cons. Our pledge is to use the right platform for you and your business.

B2B Web Design

Just because your business sells to other businesses doesn't mean that design is less important. In fact, it's even more critical. Your business customers are looking for solid, trustworthy partners who care about their success. A well-designed website experience tells them exactly that.

Does your business need a better website?

The best business websites are constantly evolving and always current. If it's been a while since your last update, then your business could probably benefit from a website redesign.

B2B Website Design Goals

Business Design Partners

We understand that the B2B industry is about long-term, lasting partnerships. Our goals are to not only boost revenue right away, but also to help position your brand for decades of success.

Does your business have room to improve?

Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress is by far and away the most popular website platform in the world. It is powerful, affordable, and can be customized to power almost any webite need. We recommend Wordpress to any clients who want the ability to update page content themselves on a regular basis.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System that allows you to create, manage, publish, and store content on the web. Wordpress is the world's most popular and powerful CMS. When we build you a custom website with Wordpress, you will have the ability to update and control your content from a simple, intuitive dashboard.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

There are dozens of popular website hosting companies out there that offer decent service and features. Most of them also offer 99.8% or 99.9% uptime... meaning sometimes things do go wrong. There are two primary reasons to conisder hosting your website with us:

  1. We have direct access to make changes to your site more quickly and easily, saving you money.
  2. When something does go wrong, we will be there to handle it for you.

Hosting with us starts at just $25 per month.

Email Hosting For Business

We highly recommend that you use Google Business Apps or Microsoft Office 365. It's your email. You should be in control of it forever.

Email setup and management services are available.

CDN Services

We partner with MaxCDN to provide our hosting clients access to their lightening fast network.

Identity, Logo, & Graphic Design

If your logo looks amateurish, then so will your business. A well-designed logo is arguably the single most important element of a successful brand. It must be memorable, scalable, simple, and work without color. If you use one of the many free or budget logo website services, you are likely to end up getting what you paid for.

Any new business, or business in need of a reboot, should strongly consider upgrading the quality of their logo and graphics. Our approach is to be high-quality, but still within reach for most businesses.